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The One Roxas Triangle is a high-end condominium but it is not just the actual residential units that are opulent. The entire building is as well. It is like a five-star hotel but one where you do not have to check out because you are already home.

First and foremost, the building management makes sure that you and your family are safe by getting the services of a professional security team. There will always be a guard or two posted at the main entrance of the condominium to screen all of the people entering the building, and there are others who are constantly patrolling the corridors and common areas to make sure that everyone in the building are all safe and sound. All of the security personnel are all trained in basic First Aid, so they can respond immediately during emergencies. They can help stabilize the injured person until the emergency medical technicians arrive.

In addition, the entire building (except for the insides of the residential units and other certain areas) is monitored by dozens of security cameras. These high-definition cameras provide the security team with clear, live video feeds, so if an intruder does manage to get past the guards at the door, which is quite unlikely, they will not escape the unblinking eyes of the dozens of security cameras.

All of the private residences are also provided with state-of-the-art door locks with laser-engraved keys that is impossible to duplicate without the proper equipment. The units are also equipped with modern security alarm systems to deter intruders from even attempting to break into your home.

Enough about the intricate security measures that the One Roxas Triangle implements to keep the residents safe. It is now time you learn about all the recreational amenities that will make you happy to live in this prestigious condominium.

Of course, the One Roxas Triangle has a swimming pool area, and it does not have just one swimming pool, but several. There is an adult swimming pool, a shallow kiddie pool, a lap pool, and a whirlpool hot tub as well. Whenever you need an escape from the extreme Metro Manila summer heat, you just need to head down to the amenities level and hop into the cool water of the pool.

If you are a health buff or you just want like to work out, you will be pleased to know that the One Roxas Triangle has its own gym and fitness center. If you feel like pumping iron, there is a complete set of weights and weightlifting equipment waiting for you. If you would like to exercise with a group, there are regular Zumba, yoga, and aerobics classes held in the dance studio. Now, if you want to unwind after a hard yet fulfilling workout session, head on over to the sauna and sweat out all of the toxins that you might have accumulated in your body. You can also get a massage at the day spa/wellness center when you just want to relax your tired muscles.

  • Gym
  • Day Care
  • Playground
  • Retail Area
  • Game Room
  • Pets Allowed
  • Swimming Pool
  • Function Rooms
  • 24-hour Security
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