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As opulent as the residential units are in the One Roxas Triangle condominium, the real reason why many people want to call this place home is because of its prime location. The condominium stands tall right in the middle of Makati City, which is undoubtedly one of the country’s busiest and most exciting urban areas.

If you work in any one of the many corporate buildings in Makati, you will love the fact that it will only take you a couple of minutes to get to work every morning. When once you had to factor in the heavy traffic into your travel time, when you live in One Roxas Triangle condominium, you do not have to worry about being late to work ever again. When you work anywhere in Makati, you can wake up with the sunrise, take your time getting ready, and still have some a couple of minutes before the actual workday starts. This means you will have more energy for work, and you will also have more than enough later for when you go home.

Makati City is also a great city to raise a family because everything you will need are all within reach. For instance, if you are looking for schools, there are plenty of them within a kilometer radius from the One Roxas Triangle condominium. There are lots of private and public elementary schools and high schools just minutes away. You can also find lots of colleges and universities in the nearby area. There is the Malayan Institute of Technology (formerly Mapua Institute of Technology) that is only ten minutes away, the Far Eastern University Makati Campus that is five minutes away, and the Centro Escolar University, which is just ten minutes away. Whatever the age of your children, you can be sure that they will be able to attend the best schools.

Another thing that you need to look out for when searching for a new home is if there are many health facilities nearby, and you will not be disappointed when you are a resident of the One Roxas Triangle. First, just five minutes away is the prestigious Makati Medical Center, a large medical center that provides different medical services and is staffed by professional and experienced staff. Another notable hospital that is nearby is the St. Luke’s Medical Center, which is just fifteen minutes away in the neighboring city of Taguig. This hospital is absolutely world-class. Aside from having a lot of professional physicians on staff, St. Luke’s also has all of the modern medical equipment to treat any kind of ailment imaginable.

Probably the best part of living in Makati, especially right in the middle of the central business district, is that you are also near all of the best shopping malls in Metro Manila. Most of the commercial establishments are beside each other in the commercial retail area of the city. First, there is the Glorietta Mall. There is also the Landmark Mall and the SM City Makati. If you want something a bit more high-end, you can go to the Greenbelt Mall, which is just behind the Glorietta Mall, or you can head over to the northern part of Makati, to the Rockwell Powerplant Mall, which is just fifteen minutes away from the One Roxas Triangle Condominium.

Restaurants :

  • Chowking - 0.23 km
  • The Coco Hut - 0.24 km
  • Tapa King - 0.24 km
  • Kaya - 0.25 km
  • Okura - 0.25 km

Supermarkets :

  • Assad Mini Mart - 0.50 km

Schools :

  • Playworks School - 0.60 km

Hospitals :

  • Beverly Hills Medical Group - 0.11 km
  • MEDICard Lifestyle Center - 0.19 km
  • MTech - 0.26 km
  • Pacific Eye Laser Center - 0.26 km
  • Caraderme - 0.50 km
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